Forest-Grown Shiitake:

"The Power

of Nature!"

Recommended by Famous Chef.

Iron Chef Judge Dr. Hattori Yukio endorses our company. His cooking school recommends our Shiitake and has approved the use of his name on our products.

Natural Umami Booster


Umami Booster

Our dried Shiitake is not only delicious to eat, but also provides a 100% natural Powerful Umami booster.


The Most Trusted Company of Shiitake Donko, Shiitake Koshin & Forest Grown Shiitake Powder!

We, SUGIMOTO Shiitake, present a unique selection of Forest Grown Shiitake Powder, Shiitake Donko, Shiitake Koshin, etc., using no preservatives, artificial chemicals, nor additives. Our collection is a gift from nature to you.  We provide our Shiitake for a broad global clientele. We have gained a very loyal worldwide customer base due to our products' high quality, integrity, and purity. Our company promises always to deliver only the best quality and tasting natural Shiitake.  Also, we pledge to test the quality of each package before they leave the factory. For more than 50 years, we have been focused on controlling our inventory's quality in the best possible manner. We are one of a kind. We are the only manufacturer and exporter of Shiitake mushrooms and related products that manage a completely in-house process, where everything is bar-coded and controlled. This gives our clients full transparency and traceability. We are dedicated to constantly improving our products and other benefits for our clients in the future.
Natural Umami Booster
Michelin awarded Most Sustainable Chef in NYC, Jehangir Mehta (chef/owner of Graffiti Earth) chose Sugimoto Dried Shiitake as his favorite out of 60 food products from Kyushu, Japan. Not only because of the taste and Umami enhancing powers of Sugimoto Shiitake but because it is the most sustainable food in the world! Please watch the video.

"Tastes of Kyushu Cooking Demo with Jehangir Mehta"

More About Us

Today, our company has become one of the most trusted names in Japan and abroad.
Our Team

Our Team

Our company values talent and professionalism. This is the reason, we recruit the best of the best at our company
Our Factory

Our Factory

Our factory employs the most innovative technologies for traceability and drying. We are also dedicated to maintain the highest standards of Japanese  quality management.
Our History

Our History

Our company has been managed by three generations of the Sugimoto Family. Since our foundation, we have held a great
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