Our Team

We have a team that is not just skilled but also competent. Every single member of our organization completes their assigned tasks in a disciplined manner. The team works in an environmentally friendly manner too. These team members are dedicated to our company policies, vision and mission. They are the reason, we manage to constantly bring forth quality Shiitake Kohsin, Forest Grown Shiitake Powder, etc. The entire team is led by our talented CEO and President, Mr. Kazuhide Sugimoto, along with Mr. Tatsunori Sugimoto (CMO) who took over the company in 2000 from his father.

Why Us?

With an aim to become the leading name in the market, we had started our business journey back in 1970. Today, our enterprise has become one of the most trusted names in Japan and many foreign countries. The reason to such popularity have been: 

  • Our exceptionally ethical, fair as well as transparent way of performing in the market
  • Our compliance to the international quality standards and fair trade laws 
  • Our ability to deliver all of the orders placed by clients in a timely manner
  • Our concentration on resolving queries raised by clients in a professional manner 

Management Philosophy

Our management focuses on caring for clients in the best possible manner. It is their responsibility to assure that clients are treated in a professional and fair manner. The management works in this way because they believe in the philosophy that a happy customer is a loyal supporter. This has been proven true in the past 51 years of our operation. We have received incredible support from our satisfied clients. This is the reason, our management encourages our team to always dispatch the best Forest Grown Shiitake Powder, Shiitake Kohsin, etc. 

Our Commitment To SDGs

Our company constantly carry out our production procedures in collaboration with Hayashifuku (SDGs special feature from Forestry Agency). We are committed to consistently work in a sustainable manner, adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) guidelines. The entire process of producing our remarkable range is completed in compliance to the environment protection laws as well.  

Our Trade Shows

We have participated in the following trade shows in the past:

  • Japans Food Export Fair 2018
  • FOOD TAIPEI 2019
  • The Great Okinawa Trade Fair 2019
  • Japan's Food Export Fair 2019
  • BIOFACH 2020

Our Factory 

The factory that we own is backed with necessary tools, machines and equipment that make the entire process much easier. Currently, our factory is sprawling over an area of 3,000 square feet. 

Our History 

From the beginning, our USP has been our premium forest grown Shiitake. The entire range is cultivated in Miyazaki, Oita and Kumomoto. These regions are famous for their high quality produce. Unlike other competitors, we do not mix our genuine Shiitake with produce of any other regions. We help more than 600 local farmers. Many of our international customers purchase our quality array from Amazon.  Our customer base comprises of wholesalers, retailers, Japanese Consumers Co Operative Union and many other organizations. We have been recognized as USA amazon best seller for dried Japanese Shiitake in the past. Currently, we are catering our range in foreign countries like:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam

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